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What Is Stone Sealing And Why is it Important?

stone sealing

Natural stone has many appealing qualities such as a beautiful appearance, shine, and available in multiple colours or styles, making it a popular choice in many homes. One of its properties is that natural stone can be porous or soft, making it susceptible to stains, scratches and gouges. The best way to protect against these ailments is by stone sealing by experts. Let's take a look at this in more detail. 

stone flooring

Stone sealing is the process by which a layer of protection is added to a natural stone surface to protect it from things that would otherwise damage it, soak into it, or stain it. With ongoing care, natural stone can go many years between re-sealing episodes. This care regime would include the use of appropriate products that won’t deteriorate the sealant, wiping up spills, and not scraping furniture across it (just to name a few). 


Stone sealing is important because, without it, the stone would not be protected from the daily affiliations located in the home. This would include chairs dragging across floors, utensils being dropped onto counters and floors, chemicals used in cleaning the home, and general dirt and grime. All of these things contribute to the wear and tear of stone surfaces in the home. 

 As you can see, natural stone is a very appealing finish to have in a modern home and can increase the value of the building, particularly when well maintained. However, for it to remain in an appealing condition, it needs to be properly maintained. This includes regular cleaning as well as period resealing of the surface.