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The First Step in Fire Restoration

Restoring fires is a highly specialized task that needs to be addressed by qualified professionals who can not only perform cleaning, including items damaged by fire, smoke, and water, but are also capable of performing the real task of restoring structure.

In fact, this may need to be done by more than one company. Your insurance agent will definitely have a list of available companies. In turn, the contractor you choose should be able to help you find a good architect to help you with restoration.

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Usually the first step is to immediately contact the insurance company. In addition to sending supervisory authorities to determine the actual amount of damage and loss, they can help you find temporary accommodation.

There are several forms to fill out before repairs begin, or you may even be given money to replace your lost items, including clothes.

It is important to remember that before a contractor comes to assess the type of work required for restoration, you must obtain approval from the fire department that it is safe to enter the site. In addition to the risk of structural damage, hazardous chemical residues and mold formation may result from damage to fire fighting water.

Drying your home after a fire requires special equipment and you may need a professional mold remover to perform a full decontamination.