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Safety Rules for Swimming Pool

Every year, drowning is one of the main causes of accidents, resulting in serious injury and death in children. Swimming pool accidents can happen very quickly without warning. So, learn and practice the following safety precautions are essential.

* Never allow children to swim alone without adult supervision even if children have had swimming lessons. You can buy temporary pool covers to keep your children safe.

* Completely enclose your pool with a pool safety fence at least 4 feet high. Install self-closing and self-stick gate. And be sure to position the hook out of the reach of children.

* The position of tables and chairs away from the pool safety fence to prevent children from going up to the pool area.

* On-together appoint a person as a guardian of the pool watching. Adults can play this task.

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* Ensure that all children over the age of 4 attend a certified swimming class. If this is not possible, teach them the basic and life-saving flotation techniques.

* Start setting rules swimming pool and talking about the safety of the pool when children are very young. Both the pool rules including no pushing and no running around the pool. Teaching children older buddy system rules: Do not go near the water alone.

* Do not leave the pool open. And to prevent children from getting into the pool, keep all doors and windows leading to the pool area secure.

* Ensure that the pool cover really raised above the pool. Never store the cover partly open because children can become trapped underneath. Also, make sure children do not walk on the pool cover.