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Using Petroleum Jelly As A Treatment For Skin Ailments

Petroleum jelly is very popular all over the world because of its excellent ability to treat dry skin. As a skin moisturizer, its success is scientifically linked to how it creates a barrier on the body's surface, preventing moisture from leaking out.

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Here we review the use of petroleum jelly to treat various skin diseases:

Wound healing:

As an occlusive moisturizer that forms a barrier on the skin, petroleum jelly creates an ideal environment for wound healing. It also creates a seal that prevents bacteria from entering the wound, keeping it sterile and less prone to infection.

Herpes, sores, and blisters from shingles:

The application keeps this area moisturized and elastic, preventing the scab from cracking and falling off before the skin underneath has healed enough.

Diaper rash:

Petroleum jelly is very popular in baby skincare. Babies' skin can easily become irritated from wearing wet diapers, even for a short time, resulting in a painful and uncomfortable diaper rash.


Petroleum jelly is also good for moisturizing facial skin, making it supple and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Although petroleum jelly does not contain a magic secret ingredient, it is believed to be a magic secret ingredient itself.