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Explore Neon Signs to LED Signs

It's interesting to note that most fluorescents store also offers LED signs. There certainly is a big difference between the two. As the name implies, neon signage containing neon gas (and other inert gas)  in the radiant-tube when subjected to high voltage and therefore it shines brightly.

From the viewpoint of brightness and clarity, LED signs are sure winners. There are also many categories where LED signs can rise above the neon lights. They are more energy-efficient. They are lighter and slimmer than neon signage that installation and delivery are not difficult at all. You can navigate for getting more knowledge about LED signs.

The only thing capable of flashing is neon signage. In order to make an animated one, one would have to build large canvas neon because there is a need to create a series of animated action scenes to get the desired effect. On the other hand, LED signs can be easily programmed and offer a variety of animation in their single unit.

Certainly advances in technology allow us to see the light and clearer light in LED signs but nostalgic neon signs that stir within us is a very strong emotion. Neon signage has a quiet appeal. It has more warmth and very inviting.

It is up to the current generation to choose what they want. Whatever they choose, we all know both these signs serve one main purpose. And, it is to keep us coming into their shops humbly serve.