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All You Wanted To Know About B2B Portals

The B2B (business to business) website includes all internet-based technical solutions that facilitate services in building new business relationships between companies and supporting existing relationships. It can be called an electronic marketplace for electronic business transactions. You can also learn more about the B2B portal by visiting

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The B2B portal essentially serves as a platform for retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers to run their business online. Allows electronic change of orders, invoices, and payments. 

B2B means business-to-business so that communication and transactions between one company and another occur on B2B sites, target customers are not addressed directly, not sold directly to end consumers.

B2B sites have become one of the best technologically sorted and selected modes for business transactions, as well as sales platforms. This gives consumers the opportunity to reach businesses and companies around the world. 

Marketing through B2B portals is done exclusively online, so there are no printing, distribution, or shipping costs and can be measured using sophisticated tracking software. B2B online marketing is an important part of both buyers and sellers. 

This makes it easier for buyers to find new suppliers, issue purchase requisitions, and search for used or new capital goods. From the seller's point of view, it is easier to find buyers for their products, they can sell both new and used products online. They can even find out about their competitors.