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Automatic Pool Cover Care & Maintenance

You'll enjoy the benefits of an automatic pool cover, including heat conservation, safety, and clean pools. What kind of maintenance is possible with an automatic swimming pool cover, though? Do you need to hire someone or do you have the ability to do it yourself?  

automatic swimming pool covers

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Auto Cover Maintenance Daily

Check that your covering is shut every day by looking out the window. If there is any rain, an automatic cover pump must be installed and ready to go. If the pool is severely leaking, it may be necessary to maintain its water level daily.

Check the water chemistry, and monitor chlorine levels on an almost daily basis. To protect your automatic pool cover, it is important to maintain a good water balance and low levels of chlorine.

Weekly Auto Care Maintenance

The Cover should be fully opened once per week. This allows chlorine byproducts to evaporate by gassing off at the pool's surface. This protects the cover material against corrosive chloramines. After adding large quantities of pool chemicals to the pool, leave the cover open for at least several hours. Once the pool is steamed, close the cover until the chlorine levels have subsided.

Make sure your water level is correct. This can cause stress to the tracks, cover webbing, and ropes. Any water weight added to the cover will cause it to be even more stressed if it falls below the skimmer level. Leakages in pools must be fixed quickly. 

Know About the Cost of Pool Cover

A cover for your pool is important when bad weather strikes, for a good cover can protect not only your water but the bowl and vinyl ship. It is a worthy investment if you plan to keep your pool area, so be sure to cover the price if you have not already.

What is the cost of the pool cover? Like the other pool accessories, prices may vary according to your needs. It also includes ranges in style from simple tarps to cover solid during the cold months. Local pool supply store can help in finding the right cover for you, especially if you need a custom cut to your oddly-shaped swimming pool. You can know the cost of pool cover via

As far as cost goes, look let in a general breakdown:

Above the Ground Pool Covers

If you have a model on the ground, you may find it easier to get the cover. This is because there is not much deviation in terms of design – above ground swimming pool a good round or oval and come in a wide set.

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Winter base covers are used to protect water and keep out the bad weather can run you anywhere from twenty dollars to several thousand you have to decide on the features that will raise the price. Simple hardcover and mesh coverings that are cheaper and usually do not go higher than a few hundred.

In-Ground Pool Covers

Covers for in-ground pools can be more difficult to price because there is customization for consideration. If you have a traditional shape to the area you swim – round, oval, rectangular – ready to make the cover will come up with a good price, probably no higher than a few hundred dollars.