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What are the Reasons of Headache?

All of us have suffered from headaches as it is probably one of the most common diseases. But what exactly causes headaches? There are several causes responsible for this condition. For example, a simple irritation to the neck can be the starting point of a headache or the simple sensation of pain transmitting through your body can lead to a headache. 

There are many different causes of headaches and there are different types of headaches. Probably the most common cause of headache today is stress. Stress often produces feelings of "fight or flight" and is accompanied by other symptoms such as:

– Shallow breathing

– Raised heart rate

– High blood pressure

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Another important cause of headache is your nutrition. Many people do not realize that but your diet and your sensitivity to food are one of the main causes of headaches, especially migraines. Headaches associated with nutrition in cases such as:

– Variations in blood sugar levels

– Withdrawal of caffeine or too much caffeine

– Food Additives

A tooth abscess can trigger major headaches, especially if you are suffering from an infection. Not only will you suffer from a severe headache but also you will have to bear the pain associated with the infection. 

Another cause of headaches can be caused by disturbances in the following areas:

– Ear

– Nose

– Throat

Several studies point to the fact that even nerve damage could be the cause of headaches.