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Applying Enamel To Fused Glass Jewelry

Glass painting and decoration for fused glass jewelry can be done in several ways. The use of opaque and transparent lead-free enamel powder is one of the main techniques used today. You can use etched luminescent and iridescent round ornament patterns for this.

Colors can be mixed, which means that the color palette is mainly available. They are not enamel in the normal sense but finely ground glass particles that have a low melting point, which once implemented are fired in a furnace to fuse the fused glass enamel to the jewelry. You can find the best fusing supplies at

Care must be taken when handling glass enamel to ensure that the particles are not inhaled because it can lead to such serious lung disease. Respiratory masks and good ventilation are strongly recommended when handling dust.

Dry enamel powder is applied by placing the powder in a small strainer and then sorting the glass or applying it with a brush. Stencils or tape can be used to mask the field glass. A texturing tool can be used to generate patterns on the glaze.

Sorting the objects that have the most dust on the glass can produce an interesting pattern. Both the comb and a fine mesh are some elements that can be used.

Several firings may be required to produce a layer of a different color and ensure the correct color.

Enamel powder can be applied by wet mixing using either water or oil-based media paint. Easier to clean water-based media; the important thing is that the medium does not leave any residue after cooking.

How do you make stained glass mosaics?

There is a pattern designed specifically for mosaic, but you don't have to limit yourself to using the single mosaic pattern. If you find a stained glass pattern, you can easily adapt to the mosaic.

The main difference between the mosaic pattern and a stained glass pattern is the distance between the glass pieces and the size of the individual pieces. When talking about glass, you can use dichroic glass squares for a real effect.

Many pieces of the mosaic are used outdoors. Due to the temperature range outside the room, a mosaic made from large pieces of glass will break over time. To avoid this, it will ensure good glass on the cement and no air bubbles under the glass.

Sedona Sunset Dichroic Pendant,

Another way to avoid cracking is to use small pieces of glass. The larger the piece of glass, the more opportunities it will have to crack in the future.

Another factor to consider is the amount of space between individual pieces of glass. Depending on the pattern you are using, the distance between the pieces of glass should not exceed 1/4 inch.

To change the stained glass pattern into a mosaic pattern, you must first resize it to fit the size of your mosaic prints. Then cut smaller individual pattern pieces from 1/16 to 1/8. This will give you a distance of 1/8 to 1/4 inch.