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The Story Of A Ghost

Ghosts are usually said to be spirits of dead people. Ghosts can also mean things or events from the past that haunt you until now. Many cultures and religions of the world believe in and deal with ghosts in one way or another.

Throughout history, there have been many cases of people, places or even things haunted by ghosts. You can find more exciting ghost stories via the online source.

Ghost Stories

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There are some stories:

1. The Chinese philosopher Mo Tzu tells one of the oldest ghost stories. That is the story of Po Tu minister, who was executed by the king of China, Hsuan false allegations, despite warnings that the ghost for this Pu will come back to haunt him. 

Three years later, the ghost Tu Po Hsuan King will be shooting with a bow and arrow before an assembly of feudal. 

The moral of this story is if you don't want anything bad from the past haunting you in the form of ghosts, enemies, bad memories or what have you, remember to always be fair and kind to everyone you see. 

2.  'The Unquiet Grave' tells the story of the ghost of a woman who can not find the rest for crying boyfriend on earth. So one of the best ways to rid themselves of the ghosts is to forget it. Whatever it is. Go out and put a smile so that you and all spirits near you can enjoy life or death.