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Spectacular Costa Rica Fishing – Your Guide to Where and When to Go

If you cannot wait to get away from Old Man Winter, a Costa Rica fishing trip may be just what will recharge your batteries! There are several Costa Rica vacation packages available online for sportfishing. With dozens of fishing world fishing records to its credit, Costa Rica is said to have the best ocean fishing in the world.

You can book your spot today and enjoy Costa Rica fishing adventure.

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Sure, you can dip a line in a little frozen lake or stream by your house. Those little crappies and sunnies were fun when you were growing up. Long-johns, parkas, and electric socks and sitting for hours on end over cold ice, your butt numb from cold and sitting in a little ice shack all day.

You are a big kid now. Is it not time to have big kid fishing? Trade-in shoveling snow 'til your backaches, a runny nose, and depressing weather for shorts and a funny-looking tropical shirt. 

Put away your Chapstick, get out your suntan lotion, head to tropical beaches where you can be fishing in crystal waters with not a care in the world.

Do not know where or when to take that Costa Rica fishing trip? No worries. Here is the straight skinny.

Start with the basics. Just a couple of hours south of Miami lies Costa Rica. With about 780 miles of coastline on two great oceans, it is a saltwater fishing mecca. 

When To Book Fishing Charters In Costa Rica

There are various options available for Costa Rica fishing charters. Variations exist as you move from one area to another. Generally, in Costa Rica, charters are available for sports fishing, extended trips, shark fishing and Costa Rica tuna.

Snapper Fish

The best time to catch snapper fish is in September. There is an increase in their numbers just before they disappear to spawn. You can also contact The Best Fishing Charters in Costa Rica at Dreamboatscr & Quepos.

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For those without a definite time to book, you can always take any fishing charter trip, as King George Whiting is a species available all year round. The Yellow Tail King fish has a short window of February to March as depart from Portland.

You can also catch dolphins by chance when water temperatures are warm. Therefore, plan your trip in summer to increase your chances. Mind the following points:

Choose from mid to the end of a particular fish season

The best time to book fishing charters is from middle to end season. In early season, for a particular species, there are few charters available, as others still are serving different fish seasons.

For example, Marko fishing charters are unavailable in October. Moreover, schools do not keep exact dates as they travel and early season can call for a very lengthy search.

Off-season trips take longer to catch fish

Fishing charters are usually available for a period of 4 to 8 hours a day. Include this duration when planning your trip. Charters go offshore up to 20km for short duration trips and 50km for game fishing, which has a longer duration.

Before going for the trip, you must confirm your bookings to avoid disappointments. Sometime trips are cancelled because of bad whether and when boating conditions are imperfect.