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How Major Ecommerce Companies Are Adapting To Apple Watch?

It has been three months since when Apple set the world abuzz with the launch of Apple Watch. The trading platforms had estimated that the company would sell around 2.3 million pre-orders of the Watch by the end of June.

This is actually double the number of pebbles (1 million) and triple than the number of Android Wear (720,000) units sold to date. We can't just predict how classy leather watchbands for apple watch affects the consumers and brands. It might just be similar to the company's previous products like the iPhone and iPod which improved gradually.

Let's explore the capabilities of Apple Watch and see how eCommerce companies are making use of its capabilities.

A few years ago when the iPhone hit the market, the marketers and brands started developing apps for iPhone users. As a result, today we have tons of apps fighting for a small space on the user's home screen.

So instead of investing the money and time just on apps, marketers started thinking about reaching the customers on all the touchpoints like phones, tablets, and now, the wearables.

Most of the entrepreneurs think that the Apple Watch is all about notifications. One of the main takeaways of going through the Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) of Apple Watch is nothing but the significance of notifications.

Though people find themselves idle while swiping through the Glances to know what's happening, it looks like one of the most common interactions is getting a notification, check it on the watch and taking actions right from there.