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Using a Contemporary Wool Rug to Pull Together Your Space

Your home to be a warm home is simple to do when you furnish your home with a modern wool rug. Rugs made of wool are natural, soft fiber that is made of hair shorn from sheep is more robust than other fibers, are stain-resistant, and are fireproof due to the inherent properties of wool. Wool's natural fibers are superior to the synthetic fibers that are used in synthetic rugs due to various reasons. 

They are eco-friendly since they are an organic resource that is natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Wool mat can be found in various shapes and sizes, such as oval, round and rectangular. Since wool dyes quickly, wool rugs make an ideal choice for contemporary designs that have been defining rooms with color and style.

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Contemporary styles range from vibrant and striking florals, to geometric designs as small and large as well as avant-garde-inspired designs, animal prints and even fluid and soft forms. The majority of modern designs appear like artworks on their own and are a source of inspiration for colors on furniture and walls within the surroundings. 

Wool rugs can also be excellent foils to showcase the latest trends in home design of hardwood flooring, slate tiles or travertine and the fact that natural wool fibers provide warmth during winter, and keep cool during the summer. The benefits of wool rugs are numerous as they safeguard flooring beneath in high-traffic areas and can be utilized in large spaces to block the noise.