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Everything You Want To Know About Photogrammetry Software

Photogrammetry is the science of making geometric measurements from photographs. "Photogram" is a photo and "Metry" is geometry. Photogrammetry can be seen as a process where we know some information about the camera that takes photographs from the best photogrammetry software and by having two or more images of the same object from different perspectives, we can get some 3D information back. 

best photogrammetry software

In a properly documented scene for which photogrammetry has been taken into account. All details can be recreated in 3D and the accuracy of measurements can be simply stated as being limited by the size of photos taken and by how well the objects appear in the photos.

What most people who are responsible for taking photos in an accident or crime scene do not know, is that they can capture the entire data set of 3D measurement by simply adjusting their techniques to make their photos "photogrammetry friendly". 

Photogrammetry can be used in practical applications such as:

o Blood spray patterns

o Skid measurement mark

o Measure the height of the suspect in security video

o Destroying the measurement of the damaged vehicle.

o Measure the distance between the two objects.

Of course, it is not always possible to take accurate measurements of each image or set of images. There are several criteria that must be met. Each case is specific because of all the different types of variables involved in taking photos in different situations.

It is important to speak with photogrammetry expert and provide them with all the images to be reviewed for specific entirely. In most cases, leading photogrammetry experts will provide an initial consultation on the quality and application of photogrammetric analysis to the photo at no charge.