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What is Cloud Computing Used For?

Should your business adopt cloud-based IT services? Usage of the cloud is expanding among all sorts of businesses due to the many benefits it provides. In addition to hearing about the cloud’s advantages, you may have also heard that it can introduce risks if not deployed correctly. This may lead you to question whether using the cloud is right for you.

Businesses can access a wide range of IT services and applications through the cloud from data backups to communications solutions. Here is why your businesses should consider the switch to cloud computing. Many of the advantages of cloud computing services are due to their flexibility and accessibility, though the benefits of moving to the cloud hardly stop there. 

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Cloud computing offers a broad range of possible applications that can benefit organizations. Here are some common use cases:

Infrastructure scaling

Many organizations, including those in retail, have wildly varying needs for computing capacity. Cloud computing easily accommodates these fluctuations.  

Disaster recovery

Rather than building more data centers to ensure continuity during disasters, businesses use cloud computing to safely back up their digital assets.

Data storage

Cloud computing helps overloaded data centers by storing large volumes of data, making it more accessible, easing analysis, and making backup easier.