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Hand Painted Plastic Disposable Party Plates In Switzerland

The hand-painted disposable plastic dinner and dessert plates are a nice change from regular disposable plates. They are painted on the reverse side of the plate making them food safe. The beautiful design can be seen just fine due to the plates being made from clear plastic.

These make lovely wedding cake plates to serve the cake on at a wedding reception. They allow for easy clean up after the guests are finished with their meal. You can get more information regarding ‘unicorn party plates via’ (which is also known as ‘einhorn party teller via‘ in the German language).

They are classy enough to have at a special occasion such as a wedding reception, eliminating the need for the heavy glassware. You may also have other pieces hand painted to coordinate with the plates, such as wine or toasting glasses, water glasses, and even the centrepieces on each table. If you want to go a step further, the tablecloths and napkins can be painted too!

These plates are very affordable. They may be painted in the colours and theme to match what you have chosen for your special day. Other events such as graduations, birthday parties, baptisms, and anniversary parties would be great times to use these as well.

It does not matter if you are planning your own gathering, are a wedding planner, or event planner, there would something here to match the needs of your clients. If you prefer glass, the same technique can be done on clear glass plates.

The paint used is non-toxic, acrylic enamel paint. The paint cures in two ways, either by being baked in the oven or air-dried for 21 days. It is not necessary to wait 21 days before using the plates, however, they may be hand washed and used again. You might be surprised how tempted you will be to save them instead of throwing them away!