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All You Need to Know About Essential Barware

When setting up a home bar, you'll want to invest in a starter set of essential barware. While you don't have to set up an entire bar in your kitchen with monogrammed barware or stainless steel barware, you will want to consider what types of drinks you will most likely serve and buy the corresponding home bar supplies and barware glasses.

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If You Plan on Serving Mixed Drinks:

A Sturdy Blender

A good blender will be dishwasher safe, have multiple speeds, and will look like it can take a beating.

At Least One Large Cocktail Shaker

When choosing a cocktail shaker, look for a stainless steel shaker that is big enough to mix at least two drinks at once. Choose a shaker that comes with a strainer for pouring drinks straight up or without the ice.

A Measuring Tool

This can be a shot glass or a jigger. Just make sure you measure how much the shot glass holds so you always know if it's serving one, two, or three ounces every time you fill it.

Martini Glasses

These glasses can be used to serve classic gin or vodka martinis or any of the newer cocktails currently being poured into martini glasses for an elegant presentation.

Margarita Glasses

These fun glasses are perfect for Mexican-themed parties. Don't forget the lime and salt for the rim.

Highball Glasses

Interchangeable with collins glasses, these tall glasses are perfect for mixed drinks and sodas.

If You Prefer to Serve Champagne, Wine, or Beer:

A Multipurpose Tool for Opening Bottles

Look for a corkscrew that doubles as a bottle opener. Instead of settling for a traditional corkscrew, consider buying a rabbit or lever-operated corkscrew. These devices make opening bottles of wine or champagne a snap.