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Treat Cough With Dry Salt Therapy

In an environment that is cleaner than what our forefathers were, we have a tendency to get more diseases. Although this might seem strange, certain respiratory ailments, like asthma and allergies were extremely rare one hundred years ago. Salt therapy is a secure and natural option for treatment that can offer health benefits to various respiratory diseases, like those that are growing in severity. 

It is not just beneficial for respiratory issues as well as certain skin issues as well as lower blood pressure. There is a natural presence of salt, or saline in our bodies, particularly in bodily fluids including sweat, tears, and blood. You can also know more about dry salt therapy via

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The presence of salt acts as a protection mechanism by preventing the development of a variety of potentially harmful diseases. Even though we consume salt every day in our meals as it is contained in your digestive tract, it does not offer the beneficial respiratory effects that can be observed with salt therapy using saline.

What is the process of salt therapy? The process works in a way the salt gets taken in and transformed into tiny salt particles which release into the atmosphere. This increases the exposure to salt through breathing and permits the salt particles to reach into the respiratory tract where they function to offer health benefits. 

The principal mechanism that this therapy operates is that salt acts as an adsorber of water, therefore, once it has entered and settled on the inside that lines the respiratory tract it draws water from the cells to the respiratory tract.