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The Significance of Using Step and Repeat Banners

Whenever you visit any event, you may have noticed that there is always a banner in the background of the stage that defines the theme of the event along with a variety of images and logos to describe it in a better way.

Step and repeat banners are usually a background banner displaying the logo and the names of all the advertisers and sponsors. The main purpose of this is to sponsor those who help them to advertise their products through the necessary photographs shown to them.

If you look at some samples of these banners, you will find that your company logo is repeated in the form of a table or symmetrical kind as these banners are usually used during the press conference or the launch of new brands in the industry. You can get these kinds of banners online at

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The best feature about them is that they are relatively low in price. They usually vary in their print design and are designed to attract the number of viewers of the conference speakers.

Besides, each photo was taken, a company logo simply snaps with it. One of the most important factors that must be followed while designing a step and repeat banner is creativity. Some other factors that have to be followed while designing step and repeat banners are:

• Space, and repetition in the logo, should be defined according to the event.

• Another major factor is that the designer must anticipate the unexpected situations that banner can be used.