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The Different Types of Italian Black Truffle Salt

Black truffle is actually the outer fruiting body of ascomycete fungi, primarily one of the groups of the genus Truffles. There are also other fungi in the family that are classified as truffles such as Geopora, Peziza, Choiromyces, and more than a hundred others. The term "truffle" comes from the French term "trache", which means "on the ground". This refers to the fungi growing on the soil, although it can also be used for referring to any fungi that grow in the ground. It's not uncommon to find fresh truffles, which are produced by the connoisseur, still covered in the black "suave" sugary layer of sugary dirt.

These delicious mushrooms have a starchy taste, which is why they are often called truffles. Historically, the French call this type of mushroom a "misse de soigne" or "divertissement de soigne". Another way to describe this dish is to say that it's a dish with "black real chocolate in it". In its purest form, the black truffle sea salt is made from desiccated potatoes, which is why the name truffle has stuck.

The texture is firm and salty, similar to white truffle finishing salt. It goes well with any flavors from heavy cream to mild poultry or cheese sauces. The black color is the result of melange, a chemical reaction that turns the color black. You'll also notice that it's moderately crisp, with an aromatic mushroom flavor that is somewhat like leeks or prunes. A slight aroma of cloves accompanies this savory flavor.

This savory seasoning is sold in powder form, which is why it's commonly included in chili, stews and even ice cream. If you buy the kind that's in the bag, you can add it to anything you like. It's a very versatile seasoning that goes great in a number of recipes. A black truffle salt and pepper shaker would make a wonderful addition to your kitchen spice rack.

There is one downside to black truffle salt. Although the salt goes great in many foods, it's often brushed off as unappetizing. Additives, such as flour, may be added to the mix, but this may disrupt the chemical reactions that naturally occurs in the salt. Some people just aren't comfortable with this aspect and prefer to keep their favorite dishes without spices on them. Others simply don't care, considering the bulk of their diet is fish and poultry.

Even though it has the same salty, smoky flavor as its black counterparts, it's not as prevalent. In fact, it's considered a less expensive alternative to table salt when purchased in bulk. Because it doesn't have to undergo the same stringent standards of quality as seawater-based products, the black truffle salt and pepper shakers are more affordable than their sea salt counterparts.

Buying Italian black truffle salt for your kitchen needs is easy. You can find it in bulk at grocers, meat markets and other outlets that sell Mediterranean specialty foods. If you're looking to make an Italian twist on a recipe, you might also consider buying Italian black truffle salt and sprinkling it on your dish. No matter what you do, make sure you buy it from a reputable source. While the Internet has made it easy for many people to try Italian dishes, it's still best to go to a specialized Italian food market to ensure you're purchasing top-quality ingredients.

There are several manufacturers of it, so be sure to choose one that offers a wide variety of salt options. There are two general types of it. Some are fine when sprinkled on just about any food, and others work best when incorporated into baked goods. It's all up to you, but just be certain to choose one with a reputation for providing you with authentic Italian flavors. The key to enjoying Italian black truffle salt is getting the right kind.