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Learn More About Dumpwaiter Lift

Many homes across the country and around the world use the stairs. In fact, the stairs are a very common way for builders to allow homeowners to access multiple floors. 

The difficulty of carrying luggage up the stairs is nothing new, so it is not surprising that humans have used machines to make this task easier for thousands of years. In older times, platforms and rope systems were simple to use, which will enable the goods to be lifted throughout the building. 

These hoist systems are called dumpwaiters systems (Also known as “ระบบถังขยะ” in the Thai Language) and have evolved from simple straps and platform systems, to advanced electrical and hydraulic lifts capable of lifting hundreds of pounds.

Today, the houses across the country are still making extensive use of dumpwaiters. Some people use manual dumpwaiters, which requires individuals to use physical raise and lower the dumpwaiter.

The first electric dumpwaiter was developed during the latter part of the eighteen hundreds, and has developed into a highly efficient, safe, and well-developed device. 

Dumpwaiter installation has become easier and it is possible to buy an electric dumpwaiter kit that can be installed quickly and easily into most homes.