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Italian Herb and Sea Salt Interplay

If you love salty foods, you are probably familiar with black truffles. These tiny black gems are a delicacy that comes from the mountains of France and has been delighting the hearts of foodies for centuries. For many years, it has been a very sought after salt. The name "truffle" is derived from the French word meaning "dried flower".

With its delicate blend of flavors, black truffles have been a favorite of the rich and famous. Bold and earthy! Salt Table and Black Truffle Salt comes certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration as the best available. It is completely natural and isn't flavored artificially in any way. This is one of the few varieties that contain no added color or sugar.

These succulent morsels are made by the clogging of fat inside the seeds and are then shaped like shrimps or oysters. They are harvested around the world every year and shipped to various restaurants, hotels, and even candy stores. One of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of enjoying this salty treat is the waiting time before they can be eaten. Typically, sea salt and black truffles take anywhere from two to five months to mature.

The unique truffle salt is made by a curing method that draws out all the flavor and colors from the natural minerals found in the clay. It achieves this by infusing vital oils into the clay. These oils are naturally occurring and bring out all the rich, earthy flavors within the fine shavings. Some of these oils include iodine, sulfide, and magnesium.

Each Italian black truffle sea salt recipe is hand-crafted by the master cooks of Italy. This is to guarantee that each product created is totally unique. Their distinct, earthy flavors come directly from their location on the Italian mountains. In other words, the soil on which the product is grown has its own unique taste. The Italian cooks are constantly experimenting with the soils and finding new combinations that provide an unusual and yet, all-natural black truffle sea salt flavor.

The unique and all-natural flavors of Italian black truffle sea salt have led to them being used in cooking and baking recipes all over the world. For example, truffle grates are often placed inside of baked desserts such as pies and brownies. They draw out the nutty, buttery, and mildly sweet flavors in these desserts. Some people use them to supplement the richness of desserts. In addition to baking, they are also commonly placed inside of espresso shots. When added to the espresso, they quickly bring out the rich and creamy flavors found within the espresso.

Truffle salt dishes are also quite popular when paired with pasta dishes. Italian black truffle salt tends to maintain a higher degree of moisture in the dishes than regular table salt. This allows pasta dishes to hold onto a higher degree of both taste and color. When paired with a pasta dish with a heavy cream sauce or broth, the salty, but the flavorful flavor of the truffle compliments the creamy flavors of the sauce and makes for an excellent and quite tasty ending to any meal. The pasta also holds onto its flavor much longer when combined with this type of seasoning.

For more ideas about pairing sea salt with Italian herbs, consider how the flavors of the truffle complement each other. For example, a mushroom laced dish or garlic laced pasta would be a wonderful combination. A hearty stew or soup coupled with the light flavor of the black truffle will be absolutely delicious. A pasta dish with a creamy sauce and broccoli is another good example. With such a vast array of possibilities, there is no limit to what an Italian herb-based dish can taste like.