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Eames Office Chair – A Classic Piece of Modern Furniture

Office chairs designed by Eames became famous right after they were introduced in 1958. The versatility of this chair lets you choose what you want from it. It is a statement of long-lasting excellent design. The simple, straight line, clean design makes it the perfect seating option for modern workplaces.

The chair has a wonderful suspension that not only creates an ideal pocket for seating but also conforms to body shape. The suspension was created by elongating a single piece of back seat upholstery tightly between light aluminum ribs. It is ribbed at equal intervals of 1 7/8" for neat and elegant looks. You can also have a look at Eames office chair via

It clearly marked the dawn of comfortable, lightweight, and strong chairs and the end of the solid shell era. The leather/pleather cushion and the Flexi suspension provide long-term comfort to the person sitting on it. 

Being a versatile chair, it's easy to move and can be used in multiple spaces. Some companies even manufacture it in fabric upholstery. Most of the original and reproduction are often seen in leather upholstery. The better the leather, the more pricey the piece is.

It is very wonderfully designed according to the anatomy and dynamics of the human body. The tilt swivel action allows the users to adapt the chair to their current task.