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Camera Cases Top The List of Holiday Gifts For Shutterbugs

Photographers always have a list of things they need or wish they had for their cameras, and camera cases often top that list. During the holidays you may be looking for a great gift for your favorite photographer, so we've put together a few suggestions at a range of prices.

Camera cases are definitely the most sought-after gift item, but not everyone has the budget to give a bag that could cost anywhere from $130 to $150. If you're looking for something in the stocking stuffer price range, you can't go wrong with microfiber lens cloths. These little workhorses can be found in the camera cases of photographers around the globe. They keep lenses and flashes lint and fingerprint free and are far softer than any other material, so they prevent scratches.

Another inexpensive stocking stuffer is a light diffuser. This simply fits over a camera's flash to soften the harshness of the light, preventing glare and giving you a more natural lighting effect.

In the $150 and under the category, there are three good gifts any photography buff will appreciate. Camera batteries are a functional, practical gift that may at some point save the day for your friend. Not having a spare camera battery handy in your camera case can mean lost shots and frustration.

It's one of those things photographers love to have but don't always buy for themselves. Just be sure you have the make and model of the camera so you're sure you are buying the right camera battery.

Memory cards will also need to match the camera make and model and are also always appreciated. Photographers can easily tuck a few memory cards in their camera cases and never have to worry about shooting too many pictures. It also makes it easy to load up a spare memory card with shots he or she may want to share with someone.