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Facts on Philippines thatll Surely MakeYou Interested to Visit


You shouldn’t consider visiting Philippines just because of being a tourist destination. You should also consider learning a few interesting facts about this country. Here are a few facts that are surely going to make you interested.

  1. After the death of King Philip II of Spain, the name ‘Philippines’ came into existence.
  2. Bumbum, Girlie, Bong, Peanut, Bing, are a few Christian names in Philippines.
  3. After the 2nd World War which ended in 1945, Philippines was the first country in the region of South Asia that got its independence.
  4. Philippines holds the record of women breastfeeding as many as 3541 babies. This record was held in Manila on May 4th, 2006.
  5. Everyone is familiar with the toy yo-yo. This toy was used as a hunting weapon in the earlier days in Philippines by hunters.
  6. City of Marikina in Philippines was the first to ever witness the world’s biggest pair of shoes created. The shoes made were in the region of 7.9feet.
  7. The University of Santo Tomas was found by Dominican monks in Manila in 1611. This is the only university that has the world’s largest catholic population.
  8. At the Jellyfish lake in Philippines, it holds the record of comprising of 13 million jellyfish.
  9. There are 8 giant species of clams found in the world where 7 of them are found in Philippines.

These are some of the coolest facts about Philippines. Make sure you first check the best package for your Philippines tour today before your visit.