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Maintenance Tips For Timber Flooring

Maintaining your timber flooring can be slightly trickier than most people seem to think. The one thing that you need to be really careful of when doing any type of maintenance work on a wooden floor is that scratches and cracks can eventually lead to having your floor replaced. 

You should also ensure that your flooring is never wet for an extended period of time. You can also get more information regarding timber frames and trusses through various online sources.


Vacuuming the floor each week

This is a no brainer and most people already vacuum their floor on average every week. However, when vacuuming your floor you need to make sure never to use a rotating brush or a beater bar as this will scratch the top protective layer of the flooring. 

Alternatively, a much safer way to clean a timber floor is to use a microfiber mop to sweep the floor. This will help to eliminate the danger of any scratches which could be caused by mud and grit acting as an abrasive when someone walks over it.

Keep furniture polish and hairspray away

Furniture polish and hairspray both happen to be very harmful for timber floors. The reason being that the chemicals in them can cause the finish of the floor to cloud and in some extreme instances even eat through the floor's protective coating. 

If you do spill hairspray or furniture polish make sure to wipe it using a clean damp cloth ASAP. A more thorough cleanup can be achieved using a non-ammonia based window cleaning fluid.