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Management Of Thumbsucking: Is A Thumb Guard Needed?

There is a natural tendency for very young babies to feel good about something in their mouth. As a result, many babies are used to sucking their thumbs or fingers. In fact, babies are photographed and scanned in the womb!

A baby with a thumb in the mouth can be a problem because the constant pressure on the roof of the mouth caused when the baby is feeding can move the bones. To prevent this thumb sucking habit among your child, you can look for various thumb sucking prevention devices online at Nipit.

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If this habit continues in early, middle, or even late childhood, the bones will continue to move with the stress. This is a process very similar to orthodontics. Orthodontic braces put pressure on the teeth, which moves the teeth through the bones. When the baby is nursing hard, pressure is applied directly from the thumb to the bone.

It is possible to help the child stop thumb sucking in 2 main areas:

  • Preventive therapy
  • Appliance Therapy

Preventive Therapy includes:

  • Painting of nails with a liquid with a bitter or unpleasant taste
  • Wear finger guards on your hands, including gloves
  • Place the child where the thumb sucks
  • Place the child in a long-sleeved dress so that they cannot access their thumbs or fingers
  • Age-appropriate discussions and explanations with children as well as positive information such as card stickers

Appliance Therapy includes:

  • Fix the device to break the habit and continue the habit as difficult as possible
  • Interchangeable devices to break habits and continue as difficult habits as possible