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What Is Internal Family Systems Therapy?

Internal Family Therapy (IFS), aptly called "Partial Work", is a model that describes how we as individuals are more than one thing – we are made up of various parts that are related to past events and problems. These parts can destroy our life, hold us back, and cause real problems.

The process of working on the parts allows us to "get in" and get to know the parts from ourselves. Instead, we begin to learn, understand and even communicate with these parts. When we get to know them, we develop clarity about why they exist and what they want to do for us – they usually try to help us in some way! You can get the best ifs trauma therapy via

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As we develop better relationships and relationships with these parts, we can more influence the kind of change we want. We increase our energy and make better decisions with better processes about how we want to direct our lives.

IFS is known to treat a wide variety of mental health issues, symptoms, and problems. IFS successfully deals with trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, low motivation, self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, anger, and more.

IFS can be used immediately after an injury or if a person has had difficulties throughout their life. With a wealth of experience at IFS, one can safely rethink past moments and build new connections with parts of their inner world that were born or awakened during these difficult times.