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Dust Collection Equipment – Facts You Should Know

The presence of dust in industrial facilities can be very detrimental to on-site operations and personnel. There are innumerable dangers associated with combustible dust. Several industrial plants in the United States survived fires and dust explosions that killed hundreds of employees and injured many more.

Dust collection devices can help industrial and commercial facilities deal with a variety of dust handling problems. You can get more information about dust collection system via

If there is a lot of dust in the air, a simple ignition source such as welding or soldering, or an engine overheating can cause accidents. As soon as the fire starts it will spread to other areas, i.e. Ventilation ducts where dust deposits are common.

Even small explosions with flammable dust can replace large amounts of dust in drains and containers. This can cause multiple secondary explosions that can be more destructive than a primary explosion.

General description of the dust collection equipments

Industrial production processes mostly require high quality dust collection systems. The American Conference of State Industrial Hygienists describes this process as "special operations". The finished solution can fail horribly at your facility as the dust collection system must be configured according to the needs and requirements of your specific industrial facility.

This system should be designed by a certified industrial ventilation system designer. If this system meets OSHA mandates, you are likely to fail an OSHA inspection of your facility's industrial ventilation system.

Companies that are certified industrial ventilation system developers can also provide you with a bespoke dust collection system that complies with local and state regulations that apply to your industrial operations.