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Types of Pumps You Can Lease on

There are many different reasons that someone might need to rent a pump. Drainage, sewage, and slurry pumps  to name a few. Below is a summary of several types of pumps available, with their respective short descriptions.

Standard pump

Diesel pumps are often used in wastewater applications such as drainage projects and waste bypass. Of course, there are other uses – industry work, flood alleviation, and civil engineering.

Super silent pump

Silent diesel pumps do the same task as their standard colleagues but do it without creating that much noise. This is perfect for residential areas and areas where community members can be sensitive to high noise levels.

High-head pump

High-head diesel pumps are often used in mines where high heads are needed. Larger distances can be pumped in situations where a series of pumps cannot be used, and higher pressures can be achieved for industrial processes.


Electric pumps are often used when engine-driven systems are not suitable for the job. They can also be more cost-effective and are ordinarily more compact.


Some pumps are extremely well suited to well pointing or sub ground dewatering, as it is also known. These wellpoint systems are normally effective in a wide range of soils, salts, and gravels. It is about finding the best one for your purposes.