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Different Types Of Apartment In Singapore

The apartment has been one of the most popular forms of housing today. They are available in various sizes and shapes. You can choose them as per your requirements. Budget-minded people go for an apartment bedroom, while those who prefer the room to go to two or three bedrooms.

The most common types include studio, garden, one-bedroom, and two-plus bedroom, basic and social.

• Basic: This apartment offers you just a basic house that is equipped with several facilities. Pullman residences are one of the best residences to invest in. You can easily check out the pullman residences price online.

• Social: This apartment has facilities such as a swimming pool, basketball court, gym and other facilities that allow socializing or entertainment.

• Studio: This apartment is often artistic in nature. It is really an independent small apartment with a bedroom, kitchen and living room in one unit including the bathroom. They are generally smaller.

They have low rent compared to other apartments. These apartments are ideal for singles and students, who do not need a large space to live.

• One Bedroom: Generally, this spacious apartment which makes them ideal for a couple or single occupant. The apartment consists of one bedroom, a living room, a separate bathroom, and a separate kitchen life. This apartment prices can change depending on the size and location.

• Two Bedroom and Three Bedroom: The apartment has two or more than two bedrooms that are ideal for a small family. Usually, in these apartments, there is a master bedroom.

• Garden: Garden apartment most inexpensive and luxurious apartments. The apartment has low-rise buildings that have reasons for their surroundings.