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Finding New Construction Contracts In Bend Oregon

When it comes to building your pipeline, using a reputable service can be the most cost-effective tool for finding new construction projects in your area to bargain for. When evaluating services, it is important to ensure that information about the project is accurate, timely, and available to you through the company's editorial staff for your specific needs.


You should be able to make sure that the lead service for new developments checks the details before sending them to you. When you talk to a service, ask how they verify their information, as the best prospects will save you time and money by having complete and accurate information.


Make sure your primary service keeps you informed and on time. Ask them how long they've been in business (the longer the better, you'll usually want one over 30) and how often they post their information. This ensures that their network of developers, architects, owners, engineers, and contractors is always in touch with the company.

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Make sure you have access to more than one database. If a reputable service provider for a new construction project cannot offer you direct access to their newsroom or editorial team, you should talk to another provider. 

This section is very important because if you have (and will have) questions about a new construction project or need additional information, you can pick up the phone or email the reporter assigned to the new construction project.