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Math Topics To Know For The ASVAB Exam

ASVAB consists of two math sections: Arithmetic reasoning and Mathematical knowledge. You can read this article to focus on various math topics you should know about in the Mathematical knowledge section.

Basic algebra

You can think of algebra as the answer to x. You may get a different type of question that has an "x" in the equation that you need to solve.

Forms and related equations

You will hopefully understand the equations for diameter, perimeter, area, and volume of various shapes. Includes, but is not limited to, circles, rectangles, squares, and cylinders.

Orders for operations

This includes, but is not limited to, various types of mathematical functions related to basic division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. It also includes the exponent, which can be thought of as multiplying several times.


However, if there is a fraction in the assignment, you will be expected to know how to apply the standard order of operations as above. 


The inequality only joins two values with a greater than (>) sign or less than (<), not an equal sign. You solve this equation like an ordinary algebraic equation.

Interest and taxes

The percentage is derived from the word "per", which means for all, and "penny", which means one hundred. ASVAB is required to apply this as a percentage increase or decrease relating to sales tax, discounts, pay increases, and cash interest rates.

Types of numbers

ASVAB accepts that it will be easier for you to classify different types of numbers. This includes strange and even, real and imaginary, original and composite.