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Find The Best Medicine Used For Children

These are some types of medicines most commonly used in the treatment of children's diseases. 


Paracetamol (also known as acetaminophen) is the recommended medicine for pain relief at home. It is reasonably effective and will also reduce fever. If you are looking for more information about medicines you can check here now.


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Possible side effects include skin rashes, blood disorders, and if the dose is taken for a long enough time, the kidney may become impaired. Never leave an adult's paracetamol pills within reach of a child because toxicity can severely damage the liver.

Aspirin is no longer considered appropriate for children because of the potential for a potentially serious condition known as Rhea's syndrome. More powerful pain relievers are available from a physician if necessary.


Decongestant nose drops containing ephedrine or phenylephrine are sometimes recommended for freezing. In order to keep the Eustachian tube open and therefore prevent infection of the middle ear. 

However, after three days of regular use, there is often a renewed congestion which makes things worse than before. In addition, the drops can irritate the lining of your child's nose and prolong the cold. Nasal drops are probably worth using if your child usually has a middle ear infection after a cold.