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Legal Translation Company – How Do You Know It’s Professional?

There are many standards by which to judge an official translation company. The first and most common is the number of native speakers as part of their staff. Some vendors take pride in the fact that 90 to 100% of their employees are local experts.

More importantly, your prospective Chinese legal translation services provider must have staff/professionals who are experts in your document field. For example, a person skilled in the field who successfully handles a patent may not have sufficient litigation experience. This was because the company he worked for only used it for that area.

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So DO NOT turn to an official translation company just because they have staff who speak your native language. Legal translation is more about knowing the legal consequences than knowing the original language. Always consider a brief overview of your internal profile. You should never leave your important documents in the wrong hands!

Today, many translation service providers are benefiting from a global network of translators. So even a small business can have the power of a big business. But you need to understand the fact that the strength or skill of a translation company does not lie in the number of employees or the size of the office.

Intellectual service is always a matter of mental labor. Even one man turned out to be a “one-man army” during brainstorming. So try to find out if the legal translation company has employees who specialize specifically in this niche.