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Things To Consider While Jumping Rope

It's no surprise that boxers, who are arguably some of the fittest athletes around, regularly perform skipping drills to assist with their hand-to-eye coordination and cardiovascular fitness. So why not include some jump rope into your workouts. Skipping has to be one of the cheapest exercises. You require minimal equipment, minimal space and you can practice just about anywhere – indoors or out. To kick-start your skipping routine you just require a rope. You can easily buy a jumping rope from

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Skipping ropes are very cheap and available in sports retailers. Also, you can even make your own. To ensure that your rope is the right length for your height, stand on the middle of the rope and pull the handles upwards till the rope is tight. The handles should be in line with the middle of your chest.

Skipping is a high-impact activity, that is good for bone strength. But it is essential that you wear suitable footwear. It's no surprise that professional boxers look like they're dancing on air as they skip in the gym – they have sharpened their skipping skills and technique through many hours of practice.

This is a straightforward exercise, but to get benefits from your routine you should ensure that you adopt the correct technique. Always make sure that you warm up thoroughly before you begin. For skipping, this could be a few minutes of walking, marching on the spot, jogging or light skipping. Once you're warmed up, you can begin your main skipping session.