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How To Practice Effectively With A Golf Simulator In Australia?

Having newer technology can be a huge advantage for golfers if they use it properly. In this article, we will show you a few ways that having an accurate launch monitor system as part of your home simulator can make you a better golfer.

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Some ways to use a golf simulator to improve your golf game:

Dial-In Your Wedge Distances

Being able to control your distance with your wedge is one of the best ways to reduce your yield. Recreational golfers struggle in this area for two reasons:

• They don't spend much time practicing

• If yes, it is not very effective

If you have a SkyTrak or Foresight launch monitor, you can measure wedge spacing accurately. This is a huge advantage that you should take advantage of! Dustin Johnson has largely attributed his improved wedge performance over the last few years to using the Trackman and simply knowing how far each shot hit.

Simulation is actually a very good practice

When most golfers show up at the driving range, they fall into the same model. They will get 20 strokes in a row with the same bun and will end up spending most of their session seeing how far they can beat their racer.

Ultimately, this causes the frustration that most golfers experience when they don't get the same quality of strokes on the golf course as they did during their practice sessions. One reason is that golfers don't train effectively.

Experiment with changes

Another great benefit of having reliable golf ball flight data is being able to make minor adjustments to your swing and evaluate the results. Experimentation is a necessary element of improvement and should certainly be part of your plans as a golfer.

You can make slight adjustments to your posture, alignment, grip, ball position, and many other swing changes. You can do a little experiment to see what changes in the plane of the ball you can bring.