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Gem-Filled Pods That Make Reusable Water Bottles Truly Unique

The practice of using gemstones to turn on the water dates back to ancient Greece. the energy emitted from opal, garnet, emerald, amethyst, quartz or even diamond pieces can increase the alkalinity of water and oxygenation, and some believe the gems have the ability to embed H2O with their own unique properties and characteristics.

Due to the practical nature of the loose stones dropped into a glass of water or another container, Germany-based VitaJuwel designing an elegantly designed water bottle containing a removable glass pod filled with an assortment of gemstones. You can purchase gem energy water bar via

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According to the company, "the jewel in the bottle VitaJuwel transfers their energy to the water surrounding the bottle increases the level of water vitalization."

Interestingly, glass-filled pods fully sealed gems and jewels have never come in contact with water. The benefits derived from the smooth radiation of gems, according to the company's website. This effect is similar to the sun, magnetic or microwave rays – radiation waves that can pass through the glass.

The company points to scientific evidence that the pods do, in fact, add alkalinity and oxygenation to the water in which they are submerged. For example, "Wellness" contains a mixture of amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz. VitaJuwel claims that this mixture aims to stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions, tranquility foster and support healthy and glowing skin.

"Fitness," which contains red jasper, magnesite and quartz are clear, it is said to promote physical fitness, detoxification and distribute energy throughout the body.