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The Effects of Thumb Sucking in Toddlers

As parents, we all experience fussy when it comes to the health of our children. That's what comes along with the job – you are worried about almost everything that your kids say and do.

If you are the parent of an infant or young child, it's almost impossible to not be constantly worried about something. To prevent their thumb-sucking habit, you can purchase thumb guards online via amazon.

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In that vein, there is one action that seems natural (and often funny) in young children: sucking their thumb. Parents are naturally concerned that this type of behavior can cause oral health problems down the line.

Here's the bottom line on this issue: Sucking the thumb is a normal behavior in young children, but if kept inside for teenagers, there can be negative effects that may have to be treated medically. So, if you are worried about this problem in the case of your son or daughter, do not bog yourself down with worry.

When Children Stop Sucking Should Thumbs them?

For most children stop thumb sucking as they progress from infant to toddler stage – anywhere from 2 to 4 years. If children are still sucking their thumb beyond the age of 4, that's when problems may start.

Excessive violence or thumb sucking can cause a number of serious problems.

Problems include:

  • Misalignment of teeth (known as malocclusion): This could cause an overbite or open bite, which need to be improved in the future through dental care.
  • Skin / Nail Damage
  • Speech Development: For more information about thumb sucking and the development of speech, click here.