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Green Building With Natural Cork Flooring

As trends in environmental protection continue to evolve, both locally and internationally, it is not surprising that an eco-friendly building ethic continues to grow. More houses are being built keeping in mind the greenery. Many existing homeowners are also looking for ways to make their households greener. However, we would like to introduce you to environmentally friendly building materials that date back thousands of years. This is a flooring product and is called cork flooring.

Almost all cork flooring manufacturers make adhesive tiles and floating floorboards that are sold in Affordable Cork Flooring Shop in Hornsby, Sydney. The comparison between the two products is usually based on installation costs and product costs. Professional installation of glued cork tiles is usually more expensive as it requires certain types of flooring, adhesives, coatings, and seals.

US Floors Natural Cork Flooring - Contemporary - Home Gym - Chicago - by Green Building Supply

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Installation of cork flooring doesn't need glue or nails and can usually be installed on existing floors. Green cork flooring offers many advantages. First, its beauty coincides with almost any other hardwood floor with hundreds of variations of hues, colors, and natural shades. If desired, the manufacturer can even add a special color to your cork floor. 

Second, the exceptional durability and comfort of cork flooring. You rarely get a durable comfortable floor. This is due to the structure of the cork cells. Millions of tiny cells, filled with honeycomb air made of cork, allow it to absorb and smooth out bumps, knocks, and more.

Thanks to suberin, the natural waxy substance in the cork, the material are also resistant to mold, mildew, moisture, pests, and bacteria. The final benefit we should mention is great for homeowners with allergies as cork is actually hypoallergenic.