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What Is Electronic Sow Feeders

An ESF system normally provides one (or very few) feeding channels to get a huge number of sows (typically 40 to 60 sows per channel ). The sows should eat , one after another, from precisely the same station.

The electronic-controlled feeder allots a particular quantity of feed, then dropped to the feed bowl on a restricted time period. To learn more about electronic sow feeders cost you may go through .

electronic sow feeders cost

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Throughout the feed drop, and for a few minutes then the entry gate stays locked to ensure that other sows may not go in. The machine normally cycles on a daily basis, using a fresh allotment of feed being made accessible to every 24 hours.

As the stockperson won't be present while every sow eats,  the system must provide feedback on any sows that fail to eat their allotment each day. 

This feedback is in the shape of an attention list  readily available to the stockperson at the end of every 24-hr cycle, also can be used to identify animals that may require extra care.

ESF is the group housing system that allows for true control over individual feed intake. After a sows initially enters the machine  the supervisor enters a single feed for them to the computer system.

This may set the quantity of feed that the sow will get every day, and allows for gains as gestation progresses. The supervisor can base these amounts onto the sows' age, body condition score , weight or rear fat measurement.