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The Eames Lounge Chair – Style Vs Comfort

Designer Charles and Ray Eames had developed this attractive and modern piece of furniture in 1956 as a gift for their good friend and filmmaker Billy Wilder (some love it, Sunset Blvd.). The Eames Lounge has proven to be one of the most modern pieces of furniture since its inception. You can click over here to have a look at Eames lounge chair.

In general, not many people do not recognize this modern armchair, as it has appeared many times on screen in comedies such as "Friends" – as a central element of Joey and Chandlers, on the show it is almost always referred to as very practical, wrong one of them confronts them even is given an identity ("Rosita"). The Eames Lounge appeared in "Frasier", "House", ITV lifestyle show "60 Minute Makeover" and films such as "Iron Man" and "Mad Men".

Co-designer Charles once said that he wanted the chair to look "like the warmth, familiarity, and comfort of a used baseball glove" when his wife, Ray, wanted the sitting room to look "cosy and undesigned." The visual appeal of the chair makes it easy to see that this is the final design. 

The design and style of its shell chair and quick-reversible seat convey luxury and resemble the shape of a baseball glove, along with the sleek black Italian leather seats and veneer surfaces that mimic the material and shade of a baseball glove and demonstrate comfort.

The Eames-inspired chaise lounge also features matching backrests that are small enough not to clutter up the living, dining or workspace, but large enough for people of all sizes to sit and enjoy ultimate relaxation. The chair's natural color palette, which includes black, brown and white leather and various wood-grain tones, allows the piece to blend in with any color scheme or design.