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Things to Know About Dubai Citizenship by Investment

It is quite obvious that everyone would be curious to know certain facts about a country before applying for citizenship there, especially if you have to invest a good amount of money for it. So, if you are going for Dubai citizenship by investment, you have the right to know a lot of things about the place. This article would take you through lesser-known things about this beautiful city.

Language Affiliation

The language of a country becomes a barrier for many who think of getting a second citizenship. But, if you want to be a part of Dubai citizenship by investment program, you can put your worries to rest as the people of Dubai can interact with you in English. You can opt for citizenship by investment through

The English language has the privilege of communication for businesses and tourism here. It is also the medium used in schools. So, you do not have to worry about not knowing the local language here.



Check your citizenship

Local Emiratis have almost no restrictions when buying properties compared to ex-pats. Expats are not given the option to obtain UAE citizenship. Thus, they have to settle to buy properties in communities and areas where the law permits. Speak to a real estate lawyer in Dubai, preferably who also knows Dubai rental law, to learn exactly how your citizenship status may affect your buying decision.

Seek professional and expert advice

Obviously, this blog is just an overview of how to buy a property in Dubai. Since every person has a different need, it would always be wise to seek personalized expert advice. This is where the importance of getting a property attorney comes in. Luckily, you do not need to search far and wide to find the right help.