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All You Need to Know About Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser

A wall-mounted soap dispenser can be a brilliant addition to your bathroom setup whether you own a small business or are just looking for more efficient and sanitary ways to keep your family healthy. Not only this, but they also save counter space from the push bottles or bars of hand soap and they help keep the sink cleaner by removing the residue that can sometimes build up over time of bar soap usage.

As far as wall-mounted soap dispensers go, you can choose a manual dispenser or an automatic dispenser. A manual dispenser has a simple button to press that will give you as much soap as you would need for regular hand washing. The automatic devices work like motion sensors using infrared technology to sense the approaching hand and dispense the soap. You can also buy wall mounted soap dispenser from

The automatic dispensers are equipped with batteries which usually last about a year. A light will activate when the battery is getting low. The advantage of automatic dispensers is that they prevent the spread of bacteria by removing the need for everyone to touch the dispenser. Not only are these devices sanitary, but they are also quite affordable.

Wall-mounted soap dispensers can be filled with cartridges or in bulk soap format. Cartridge soap dispensers are simple to keep filled. When one cartridge empties you simply pop it out and replace it with a new cartridge. Bulk soap reservoirs will likely save you money, in the long run, allowing you to fill your soap dispenser completely and buy soap in bulk which is cheaper compared to buying just a little at a time.