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Custom Straws Your Prospects Will Love To Use

Promotional goods remind clients and prospects about your own brand. This constant reminder turns out to be a successful marketing strategy. 

Eco-minded clients will probably appreciate promotional straws since they'll understand your company is fixing the single-use plastic difficulty whilst still providing the ease of a straw.

As your clients are using your gift of promotional straws they'll find themselves more prepared to conduct business with you. 

custom straws silicon

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Studies indicate that 42% of customers have a more positive opinion of an advertiser in the event the promotional merchandise they obtained was environmentally friendly.

Best Promotional Straws

Collapsible Stainless Steel Straw Kit

Every stainless-steel straw comes with a collapsible design, which empowers the straw to fit into a streamlined case when not being used. The silicone tip allows for simple and comfortable sipping. 

The included cable cleaning brush makes simple work of maintaining the straw clean and ready to move inside the straw if not being used. Publish your logo and branding information on the straw when you want to publicize your small business.

Silicone straw in travel case 

Silicone is a soft substance which makes good straws, especially when used by kids. The straws could bend for comfortable usage with hot and cold beverages. These straws could be wrapped up and fit to a traveling case. 

Pick the colour of the traveling case and publish your branding information on the situation to cultivate your organization.