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Tips to Run a Successful Crypto Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing in the cryptocurrency industry is growing at an amazing rate. When done perfectly influencer campaigns have proven to be much more cost-effective than similar crypto marketing strategies. According to a recent survey, for every $1.29 spent on influencers, brands received $11.38 in revenue.

Despite these favorable stats, influencer marketing can be difficult and there is a lot of mystery surrounding how to run an optimized campaign. In this scenario, an expert crypto marketing agency like Syyx can grow your project.  Below we’ve outlined helpful tips to keep in mind when running your next (or first) influencer-driven marketing campaign.

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Know your audience

The biggest factor in determining the success of an influencer marketing campaign is knowing your audience. By knowing this key information, you will be better able to judge how well an Influencer fits your needs. Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What does my target customer look like?
  • Where does my target customer live?
  • What is my target customer interested in?
  • Where does my target customer spend time?

Fortunately, most social media platforms these days come with extensive analytics capabilities. This means influencers should have a decent grasp on who their content is reaching.

Compare this demographic information with that of your target customer to determine if your message will be heard by the people that matter the most.

In terms of the last question ‘where does my target customer spend time?’, the answer is likely social media. If it wasn’t utilizing popular social media influencers probably wouldn’t be your best use of budget.

But, with almost the entirety of the world on some type of social media platform, it’s safe to say you crypto-savvy audience is spending a good amount of time there.