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Important Coil Factors To Consider Before Buying One

Before understanding the factors of the vape coil, it is important to have an understanding of what these coils are. Most vapers know that vape coils are installed in the device's tank and it has something to do with heat. However, coils are not so simple.

These complex pieces can determine whether you enjoy your vaping experience or not. Coils draw power from the battery to heat up and once the right temperature is achieved, it turns the e-liquid into an inhalable vapor. Check this out to know more about the ceramic coil.

Coils consist of important components, including coil wire for absorbing heat efficiently and the wick to absorb e-juice.

Due to a variety of vaping setups, you tend to find different types of vape coils. Some vape coils are best suited for extremely high wattages to produce humongous vapor clouds. You'll also find vape coils that are best suited for low-wattage devices and focus more on delivering flavor.

When speaking about the size, we are referring to the diameter. A coil's size tells you more about the space between the coil and its outer wall. It is believed, the larger the coil, the denser the vapor will be. The smaller or more tight coils focus on delivering flavor.

When buying a vape coil, checking whether it is compatible with different tanks is important. You may find that sub-ohm coils are only compatible with sub-ohm pod cartridges. Pod coils cannot be used with a sub-ohm tank.