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Taking The Added Expense Out Of Your Daily Commute

We all know that traveling together is good for the environment. Fewer cars on the freeway mean less carbon and a happier planet. But did you know that traveling together is also good for your wallet? 

In these tough economic times, traveling together might be just what you need to cut down on the staggering monthly expenses of owning your car. You can also check for the vanpools for free in South Florida via the web.

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Many people are against traveling together. It takes effort and coordination: schedules need to be set, rules need to be made and costs need to be split evenly among groups. With gas prices fluctuating wildly daily, this may seem like a daunting task. After all, the morning commute is quite stressful!

They have created a vanpool that allows large groups of people to share their journey into 12 to 15 passenger vans. This service is especially useful in areas that do not have extensive public transport systems. Vanpools use a database to connect people with compatible work hours and commutes to work.

Rather than a community effort (like being late for work every day in the Dagwood neighborhood), vanpooling is a business and operates with all the efficiency and reliability you'd expect from a professional service. 

Anyone wishing to join Vanpool will be screened and all passengers must follow a series of rules such as: For example, calling on the way to work is no longer a problem, to the benefit of everyone on board.