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Platforms to Promote Your Book

If you want to promote and market your self-published book then below are the secrets to victory, have a plan, know your target audience, have a business strategy and apply the proper tools and use them correctly.

The 3 factors which bring your strategy living are placement, packaging, and marketing. If you didn't work well at the start, you are going to reap bountiful dividends. To be on the safer side you can also opt for book marketing services from

Your site should function as command articles or house base to deliver your book marketing approaches to living. Each of the stations must function to drive prospects to a site to purchase your book and place you as an authority and a specialist.


1. Make your content just after by answering queries in the kind of a live cast.

2. Catch the movie and encourage it via Google Hangouts or YouTube Live.

3. Simply take exactly the identical material and convert it into a publication throw.


Start writing to affect the entire world. Tell the world your story now, tomorrow could be too late. But do not forget to use the correct marketing strategy to promote your book. As it can directly affect your book sales in both ways (positive or negative) which may reduce or increase the sales.