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Great Birthday Party Themes For Toddlers

Who doesn’t love to party? Though you may have partied plenty in your life, there is nothing as special as your baby’s birthday party. The only scary part is planning it. Some moms love to plan a party. Four months before the party they’ve already pre-ordered the pizza and fully planned the rainy day alternative.

Don’t be intimidated by these super moms! Whether you wake up just one month or one week before the big day, you can throw a fabulous party! The most simple way to get started is to pick a theme. Click here to get more information regarding toddler birthday party.

Though it may not seem necessary for a second birthday, it does make things much easier. Once you choose a theme, the invites, decorations and food will be a lot easier to pick out.

If you’re not sure of what theme to choose – think of what your toddler loves. Does he shriek in delight every time a truck goes down the street? Make it a construction zone party. Does your daughter spend her whole day dressing up in your old shoes and costume jewellery? Try a dress-up party. Here are some good toddler oriented themes to help you get started.

For your toddler who loves to dress up make it a tea party. Send out the official invites on feminine looking paper that announces what time tea will be served. Ask guests to come in fancy hats and costume jewellery. Hand out white gloves to all guests as they come in. Decorate in shades of white and pinks, and if the weather allows, make it a garden tea party.

Serve ‘tea’ (lemonade) in mini teacups as well as a birthday cake. Put some beaded necklaces and fake bracelets in the goody bags. If your child loves ice cream, how about throwing an ice cream party? This is a great party idea if you do not want to serve a full meal. Send out the invites on an ice cream shaped card. Serve each child a scoop of ice cream in a bowl or cone and let them decorate it! Make a buffet with chocolate sprinkles, coloured sprinkles, chocolate chips, peanut crunch, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, M&M’s – use your imagination!

You will not have a hard time finding ice cream decorations in any party good store. Make it a camping adventure! Pitch a tent in your backyard and set up sleeping bags for a pretend sleepover. Roast hot dogs, hamburgers and smores. Little boys will love this one!